1. Cricket boys at Lord’s (by eilir)

  2. Cardiff University ‘Gatsby’ law ball sponsored by Allen & Overy. (by eilir)

  3. The city of Chester (by eilir)

  4. The countryside (by eilir)

  5. Christmas things (by eilir)

  6. Behind the scenes (by eilir)

  7. Autumn in London (by eilir)

  8. Some publicity photographs that I took for The Wild Party the musical.

  9. Views through the crowd (by eilir)


  10. Check out my latest filming & editing project!


  11. 1920’s Prohibition party (by eilir)

  12. A Summer afternoon in London (by eilir)

  13. Notting Hill Carnival (by eilir)

  14. Performers at the Notting Hill Carnival in London today (by eilir)

  15. Sunny picnic in Edinburgh (by eilir)